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Different types of fostering

B&NES offers many different options for foster care, so you can find one that best fits your experience, preference and individual circumstances.

We can help you decide on the type of fostering that is best for you and your household.

We need placements for:

  • Babies and young children
  • Teenagers and young adults
  • Children with complex needs
  • Unaccompanied asylum-seeking children
  • Same day crisis placements
  • Young families
  • Siblings

Short term foster care

As a short-term foster carer you can offer placements for a few days, weeks or months (up to eighteen months).

“We do short term because of the ages of our own children. We love having the excitement and liveliness of a child or young person in our house again”- B&NES foster carer 


Long term foster care 

As a long-term foster carer you can offer a permanent foster home for a child or young person until they are 18, or longer with the Staying Put scheme.

“We wanted to commit ourselves to children long term; they need the stability of a long term foster family. We wanted to stop children moving from one foster home to another”- B&NES foster carer 

Respite care

If you are a short or long-term carer you can also offer respite care. Being a respite carer means you can offer a short stay - often weekends or up to a two week period to children in long term foster placements or children still living at home.

"I have enjoyed the respite teenagers being here and they look forward to coming back. I always find things to do with them that they enjoy - dancing, cooking etc. I have enjoyed the time doing respite and hope I can help many more in the future. My family always tell me they are proud of me." - B&NES foster carer 

Family Link

Family Link is a service for disabled children and their families. Carers are matched with a specific child or young person and they provide regular short periods of care. This can include overnight stays which are planned in advance.

“It's great to be a part of a young person's life, help them to develop confidence and to contribute, in a small way, to their and their family's well-being. It is such a privilege to see them blossom and see their potential unfold!”- B&NES Family Link carer 


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