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Adventures with Friends

Adventures with Friends is a service for Foster Carers, Special Guardianship Carers and Children in Care with BANES foster carers. The aim of the service will be to provide respite, support and opportunities for children and young people and to promote and contribute to placement stability for children and young people between 5-18.

Core aims for our children & young people

We would like all the children and young people who attend the trips to enjoy the time they spend with us and to be able to participate fully in the safe and exciting activities that are planned and delivered. Children and Young people are given the opportunity to make and maintain friendships, to face challenges and to achieve new goals as well as promoting development of children and young people’s self-awareness and confidence in their own abilities.

Who can use Adventures with Friends?

Allocation of day trips will be on a first come first served basis. We aim to provide day trips for as many as possible. On trips where numbers are limited, we will look at:

  • Reasons why child/young person will benefit from attending. Is this the most appropriate activity for them 
  • Have they been before
  • The child’s current situation
  • The carer’s current situation
  • The stability and support needs of the placement

Allocation of residential trips will be based on an eligibility criteria. Carers will receive information from the Adventures with Friends coordinator of forthcoming residential trip dates. Once the expression of interest forms to attend the residential trips has been received, we will allocate spaces based on the below criteria being reviewed:

  • The benefits of children/young people attending
  • If a recent placement stability meeting has taken place
  • If there has been recent Family Support Worker involvement
  • The carers situation
  • Views of the carer and the child on why they should attend
  • View of the Child Care Social Worker and how attendance of trip(s) meets the child/young person’s care plan/needs
  • If siblings are attending the trip(s)
  • What the child/young person’s interests are
  • Carers support network
  • How stable is the child/young person’s education
  • If the child/young person is receiving a health service e.g. CAMHS

Sessional Workers 

The team consists of a wide variety of highly skilled individuals from all backgrounds including education, youth and children’s services, who are experienced in working with children and young people.