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R2K: holidays and activities

R2K offers periods of respite and support to Bath & North East Somerset Council foster carers by providing a variety of group activities and events throughout the year for the children in their care.

R2K provides the following:


  • day and overnight trips during the school holidays
  • week-long summer holidays
  • individual work can also be considered for specific young people – who either cannot manage group settings or when specific carers need additional support.


Who can use R2K?

The scheme can be accessed by all Bath & North East Somerset foster carers. Birth children of foster carers are also eligible (if they live within the fostering household). Alongside respite for foster carers R2K provides new opportunities for children and young people to interact with others their own age in similar situations. Events are supervised by friendly, experienced and highly skilled staff.


R2K organises activities one day a week during school holidays from Easter to October half-term for children and young people aged 5 - 17 years. Past activities have included making a pop video, pool parties, theme parks, sports events and more.

In the summer there is an opportunity for a week long residential holiday for children aged 8 - 16 years. These holidays are divided into two separate age groups catering to the needs and interests of the young people.

Sessional Workers 

The team consists of a wide variety of highly skilled individuals from all backgrounds including education, youth and children’s services, who are experienced in working with children and young people. The team is led by the R2K coordinator who is responsible for the recruitment, training and supervision of the sessional workers. Every sessional worker holds a current DBS check and is required to attend annual training tailored to their unique role.

Sessional workers are committed to the project and have long-standing relationships with attendees. This continuity is central to the success of the project.


"R2K is a sort of family because when you meet everyone, you kind of build a friendship. And the holidays you would do with each other, you just end up treating each other like family because you’ve sort of got the same problems and you can just relate to each other so it’s not as hard as if you’re like at school cos not many people have a choice like that and it’s somewhere to just go out and have a bit of fun as well."  Looked After Child


"For us, it’s a break. It gives us a break...but it’s not just a break for us, it’s also a break for her from us so it works both ways and she’s with YP which is good and she’s well supervised and has good activities so it works well for both of us."  B&NES foster carer