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Hidden Woods 08/04/2019


An R2K trip to Hidden Wood was held today. Children had fun digging, using the outdoor tap & exploring the natural environment.

Children spent the day building log dens, making clay crafts, playing with the hammock & playing hide and seek.

It was a great day a this is what some of the children had to say about the trip:

“I loved the hammock it was really relaxing!”


“I liked making friends and we are going to play together at school now” (in different classes at same school).


“I am proud of my dolphin I am going to keep it and paint it when it dries”


“My favourite part was the rope swing”


“I seen some horrific things in there!!!- (Comment from using the outdoor ‘long drop toilet’, having to use saw dust instead of flushing!)


“I could hear the woodpecker it was so loud, and we saw 3 pheasants”


“The smores were amazing, the marshmallow melted the chocolate on the biscuits”


“I want to come again here but stay longer and camp in a tent”


“I am making cottage pie (mud kitchen)”


There was also an opportunity to use the Bow Saw for making Log disks, make friendship bracelets, make rope out of wool & climb on the balance logs.

There was even a BBQ for Lunch! Children also enjoyed toasting marshmallows as well!

A great time was had by all and we thank Hidden Woods for hosting the event. Check out their website at